JL Careers Speaker's Series: Crafting a Compelling Career Brand

Vancouver, BC

Crafting a Compelling Career Brand

Position yourself for success by crafting a compelling Career Branding Statement to use when networking and profiling yourself for new career opportunities. During this hands-on session Joanne Loberg, Certified Executive Coach and Internationally Certified Career Management Practitioner, will help you clarify your Career Brand, and determine what differentiates you from other candidates through identifying your key talents and how you add value to organizations.  

We will also tap into Information Interviews to get face time with hiring managers and key decision makers. These meetings: provide you with an inside scoop as to what hiring managers are looking for when recruiting talent; uncover key skills and experience in demand; identify skill gaps and strategies to strengthen your candidacy for future opportunities. 

This session is facilitated by Joanne Loberg, Certified Executive Coach and Internationally Certified Career Management Professional from JL Careers. Joanne is known for presenting highly engaging and resource-rich sessions that provide invaluable insights and new career management tactics and tools. With over 20 years’ expertise in the career management field, Joanne is highly skilled in helping her clients build rewarding careers. She has been referred to as “an absolute expert at navigating the complex territory of career advancement”

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