Career Development Model for Organizations

JL Careers guides employees through a 4-phase Career Development Model which includes exercises, tools and an action plan to help employees develop their careers within your organization. Each step of the model provides employees with key Career Management Resources:

Career Foundation - Skills, Values, Interests, and Accomplishments
Employees develop a strong foundation for launching their career plan with an understanding of their strengths, values and career interests.

Career Discovery – Exploring Career Options
Employees identify strategies to explore career options within your Organization including career maps and information interviews. Develop a verbal business card to promote their skills and source job opportunities.

Strategies for Career Growth
Through engaging in career planning conversations with their supervisor and engaging in mentoring and
information interviews, employees will benefit from developing strategies to close the gap between their current job performance and their career goal.

Building a Career Action Plan
This goal setting phase focuses on developing an action plan including courses, on-the-job training,  projects/assignments, coaching, volunteer opportunities and key partnerships which support their career growth.


An average 45% of respondents say they feel 'totally committed' to their current employer…. When asked to name the one thing that would make an employee more committed to their job, 43% cite 'more interesting or challenging work', followed by 'higher salary or benefits' (18%). Kelly Services

Career discussions are a critical retention strategy and succession planning activity.  Forbes Magazine

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