Ignite Your Career: An Employee's Workshop

Are your employees fully engaged? Are you losing your top talent to the competition?

Re-engage your employees, retain and develop your future leaders through providing employees with the tools and strategies to ignite their careers, clarify their career goals and know how to develop their career within your organization.

During this workshop employees will engage in assessments, exercises and brainstorming activities to assist in building a Career Brand, identify strategies to explore Career Options within your organization, develop strategies to reach their Career Goals, and build a Career Action Plan to keep them on track.

  • Engage in Career Assessments to clarify your skills, values, interests and accomplishments
  • Identify strategies to explore Career Paths within your organization
  • Discover work that matches your needs and values
  • Develop strategies for Career Success including networking, information interviews, mentoring and more
  • Recognize your Skills Gaps and develop strategies for Skill Mastery
  • Develop a Verbal Business Card to express to your manager your career goals and profile your talents
  • Access Career Resources which will help you build your resume and cover letters, ace the interview, and network like a pro
  • Build a Career Action Plan that gets results


29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs, 54% are not-engaged, and 17% are actively disengaged.
Gallup Management Journal



An average 45% of respondents say they feel 'totally committed' to their current employer…. When asked to name the one thing that would make an employee more committed to their job, 43% cite 'more interesting or challenging work', followed by 'higher salary or benefits' (18%). Kelly Services

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