Retaining and Engaging Your Employees: A Manager's Guide to Leading Career Conversations

 Engaging employees in Career Conversations is key to effectively developing and retaining your talent.         

Fortune Magazine reports that career discussions are a critical retention strategy and succession planning activity.  In particular, your twenty-something employees want to know they’re on a career path and need your support to help them get to their career goals.

Through this workshop, managers will develop Coaching Skills to engage in career conversations and strategies to help employees identify their career aspirations, explore barriers to their career development, and develop strategies to close the gap between their current performance and their career goals.

Through these Career Conversations employees will develop  Career Action Plans for integration into their annual Personal Development Plans. Outcomes from these conversations then feed into your organization’s succession planning and leadership development programs.

  • Develop strategies for leading Career Development Conversations using a 4-step Coaching Model
  • Master effective Coaching Questions
  • Access a Career Development Model and develop a list of invaluable Career Resources
  • Learn tips for matching employee goals with your organization’s needs
  • Use tactics to close the gap between employee’s performance and their career goals
  • Apply strategies for managing difficult conversations
  • Lots of time for Coaching Practice

Career Development Model

An average 45% of respondents say they feel 'totally committed' to their current employer…. When asked to name the one thing that would make an employee more committed to their job, 43% cite 'more interesting or challenging work', followed by 'higher salary or benefits' (18%). Kelly Services

“career discussions are a critical retention strategy and succession planning activity” -- Forbes Magazine

29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs, 54% are not-engaged, and 17% are actively disengaged.
Gallup Management Journal



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